My New Home!

The time line has been moved up.
My husband has always said that I'm always moving up time lines, but I didn't this time he did. Ha, so there!
Hubby found (and is buying us) said house picture above in MI.
I love the looks of it!
I think he did great on his own!
So how soon you ask.
Well, we'll be moving in 3 weeks!
Yeah, that's soon but when we moved back to California it was 2 weeks so this is not our fastest move but this is farther.
I'm so glad we're moving before the winter. Makes it seem safer and I get to see autumn colors.


Katherine said...

It's beautiful!! And you are going to need that fireplace this winter!

Men do pretty well house hunting on their own. The most perfect house we ever lived in DH bought on his own, and I didn't see it until we moved in. I loved that house, and I'll bet you are going to love this one. Is it cedar siding or log? I can't tell from the picture. Tell him I said "you did good!"

wendy said...

It's cedar.
I'll tell him.lol.

Bunny said...

What a Lovely House. Congratulations! I hope that the move goes smoothly for your family. It looks like it is off to a good start with the house found.

kimberly said...

Oh what a great house!! Good luck with the move. :) Hugs from Berlin!