Erin's Envy

Pattern: My own.
Needles: 2 size 3 circular Addi Turbo 20" long
Yarn: 2 skein of Lorna Laces sport in Envy
Gauge: 5.5sts=1"
Finished dimensions: 2" long ribbing and 5.5"long for the leg. 10.5" long for the foot and circumference.
Modifications: N/A
Notes: I knitted these Birthday socks on the sly from cuff to toe with 56 stitches with a heel gusset.
I don't know if you've noticed but I haven't knitted my self a pair of socks since 4.27.2006 when I used the Lovely Lace pattern from Interweave's spring '06 issue that has now been felted and fits my 4 year old who likes the color. I would also like to add that these also happen to be the only socks we have ever had felt on us. Lucky me. Anyway, they also happen to be the only pair I've knitted for my self. Usually this isn't an issue for me. I love seeing my family in my knitted love. I tell my family that the balls of yarn are mine but the knitted items are theirs to do with as they like. When the process is over for me I no longer feel possesive about it. So you can imagine my surprise when this pair was a bit hard to give up after I knitted them up. They feel so good. Hubby's lucky they're a bit big, but I now know what yarn to buy for me. I just have to figure out what color way.
Oh, Erin, thank you again for the yarn!


erin/pinkerbell said...

They look great! Now get cracking on your own!

wendy said...

I'm thinking something really long like these http://www.stitchdiva.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=SDS-032