Birthday Flub part 1

Pattern:The Moccasin Sock by Elizabeth Zimmermans using the directions found in the Knitting Around book
Needles: 2 size 6 circular Addi Turbo 16" and 24" long
Yarn: 2 skein of Noro Kureyon color #184 and 1 skien of Filatura D Crosa Wave color shade 14 (black)
Gauge: 5sts=1"
Finished dimensions: 6" long ribbing for the leg and 10.5" long for the foot and circumference but the sole shrank that up by 1.5"
Modifications: I used less decreases in the sole and wove all the stitches together starting at the heel.
Notes: These didn't fit. Maybe I could have blocked them really really hard. I think sock blockers would be really good to use, but I don't have any...yet.lol.
This is the first time I've knitted with this yarn. I bought one skein of this stuff for a hat and then I changed my mind so then I bought another skein in the same color but with a different dye lot and as you can see they do not match and they could not match either...no matter what, but since I've now bought and used Noro from the same dye lot I know that it doesn't matter at all because they NEVER match. Now you know too. Oh, and what is up with the bits of pasture in the yarn. The feel isn't great either but Emily said that it felt much softer after washing. Now the Wave yarn that is silk and wool felt really nice. Unwashed it felt like suede and washed it feels even softer.


Marti said...

I know what you mean about Noro...
I finally bought some a couple of months ago. I had heard such praise about it. I am still working on the hat I cast on when I bought the stuff. I don't like the feel of it at all .

wendy said...

Just wait...washing makes a huge difference. The kids love the feel now.