wishing for a blue screen

My computer died two days ago.
So sad.

I just hope that I haven't lost important things like:

-photos of finished knitting items and family
-knitting patterns
-lists of yarn stash

I think that's about all
You know really important mind shattering things.


Bunny said...

I really feel for you. last October my hard drive died most terribly and I lost a couple years of pictures of the kids. I cried. I had patterns and pictures of finished work too. but the family pictures really made me sad.

Katherine said...

Great sympathy from one who has just been through it! I'm a big time backer upper so I didn't lose anything, but I know what you mean about the pictures of family and the knitting patterns--those are the important stuff! Accounting files--not so much. (Do you get the feeling I'm ready to retire from accounting?)