It's Official

We're moving!

By December 31st (yes, my wedding anniversary. It will be our 13th. Hopefully that's lucky.lol)we'll be in Michigan.
Around Rochester Hills, that's 30 minutes north west of Detroit in case you were wondering.
Any advice (like yarn, weaving, spinning store, health food store, what best to wear in winter, car tips, brick house tips, gardening for only 3 months, etc.) or horror stories about said place please feel free to comment.lol.


Charisse said...

Thanks for the comment.
I dont know why she gets up at 3am It's funny I think it's her teeth but she doesnt even cry she just plays in her crib it's weird.

How have you been?
Happy 13th Anniversary. I cant imagine whats it's going to be like on our 13th. It's gonna be 3 years on Sept 2nd, And I have ten more to catch up to you... LOL!!!

Katherine said...

No horror stories here! I miss the seasons and all the lovely memories each season produces. I predict that you will love it. Talk about memories--how nice that you will have all those "new place" memories surrounding your 13th anniversary.

The next three months will be busy! I'll be thinking of you and your family.

erin/pinkerbell said...

wow Michigan. Are you ready for some snow? What brings you there?

wendy said...

Charisse...I'm good.

Katherine...Yes,very busy.

Erin...Snow, it snows there?lol

Anyway, Hubby asked for a transfer to the MI office mainly so we could buy a big house(really any size would be good at this point.lol). CA is just too expensive and almost all the houses that are big don't have the # of bedrooms we need. They have weird playrooms/movie rooms and stuff like that and are way over a 1/2 million. Then there's that little fact that we don't like CA and all her brown self. Green would be so nice and people who don't think having a big family is so horrible and need to comment all the time.lol...sorry for the rant.lol