Yup...I joined the Mystery Stole 3 too.
Hubby said I could (imagine me with my tongue sticking out here).lol.
We had a great debate about yarn color. It was between white, black, or grey.
Yup, Hubby even expected that I would need to buy yarn when he said I should sign up last night.
I had resisted signing up for a couple weeks but when he gave the OK I didn't fight too hard. OK... my daughter is telling me (imagine her choking here) I did fight hard. Hubby said black was best but here is what I came out of the store with. Yeah...I don't always listen well. I just didn't think that the 261/2 beads would show as well on black and I figured that grey was still dark so that's what I went with. Yes, I'm aware that this is weak logic especially when I bought silver beads...just smile and shake your head in a positive motion like everybody else did to me when they listened to me.

Two skiens of Karabella yarns' lace mohair in color 172 (grey), 20 grams of size 8 silver beads, and an Inox size 4 needle 24" long.

Here is how much I got done in the two hours since I got home today. I'm on row 23. We could have been home sooner but we watched the movie Transformers which is a really great movie. Anyway, I hope to get more done tonight when the wee ones are asleep...we'll see.

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