OK...If you guys haven't noticed I totally messed up on my MS3 shawl. Like a big goof ball I put beads for all the center stitches. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. OK, I'll admit I do know what I was thinking...it was a shaded box, shaded boxes get a bead...but why I didn't remember that all patterns shade or make the center stitch stand out in charts I don't know. So at first I tried to just drop the center stitch down and remove the beads but I noticed that the YOs that sometimes surrounded the center stitch got lost and then there were two double decreases that I wasn't sure about so I frogged it all. I must say that knitting it back went very quickly as I didn't have so many beads to put back on.lol. I also changed the needle to Addi's lace number 3 from the earlier 4 I was using. I must say that my first needle I was using was a bad choice since it was the same color as the yarn. Now I'm much happier with it but I won't be finishing the first clue today only the first chart, chart A.

Oh, and on a side note Blogger is no longer allowing titles for posts...what's up with that?


erin/pinkerbell said...

I am waiting for the rest of the family to go to bed so I can work on mine. Yours will be dso pretty when it's done. i see we had similar colors in mind. :)

Katherine said...

Is this your first time knitting lace? I never have, but I wish I had tried MS3. Instead, I bought some lace weight alpaca in a cranberry color and will try a shawl on my own using a very simple pattern. I'm going to need a lot of help!

Good luck on yours. The grey is beautiful.

wendy said...

This is not my first knit of lace. I really need to update my finished project better. I hope to show you the two I finished when I was homeless soon. Maybe this weekend.