I had an appiffiny this holiday!

Maybe it was the firework smoke.
Maybe it was the lights firing off in patterns that made me go into a zen like trance that allowed me to have such lofty thoughts.
Whatever it was I think it might work.
You see if I could get Hubby to be a knitter he would respect the STASH.
Love of the STASH would be too much.
It's such a lovely thought...don't you think?
Yeah, I didn't think I had much of a chance, but somethings worthy causes deserve the extra effort no matter the cost.
So I approached Hubby with the logic that he had showed me many things to try out like his computer games, music, car, and such, and I always tried it so he should allow me to teach him to knit and he....agreed.

Can you believe it?

Yeah, I'm still in shock too.

So I whipped out some cotton yarn and needles and casted on a few stitches for him real quick before he could think too much about it and showed him in English style. Well, as you can remember your first attempts there was some frogging and each time I would cast on again and then knit the first row to show him. Well, the last time I knitted the first row I did it in continental style and he said, "Hey, that's not how you did it last time. That way is easier. You just scooped the yarn into the loop. You're trying to make it harder on me." So funny. You see when I teach our children I show them how to do it English style because they have a hard time holding the yarn, but Hubby as a child was taught how to crochet so I should have remembered that and started with continental style. In the end, we ended up having a conversations about why I had bothered showing him what he thought was a twice as hard way to knit and why anyone would bother knitting in an inferior style.lol. Anyway, he knitted a small square and casted off and I thought well that's the end of it, but two days later he said out of the blue that he wanted to knit me some socks! So we started digging in my basket for yarn and found some blue worsted weight yarn. Now I mostly wear black so blue wasn't going to work and it was too late to drive to the yarn store and that's when it happened. Just like that...Hubby understood the STASH! I teased him big time about how he was a real knitter now. Now he wants me to place a big order to Knit Picks. Yeah!

Here's the proof!


Bunny said...

How lucky for you! My kids understand stash. They like to look for fabric and other crafty stuff. I don't think my hubby will ever get it.

erin/pinkerbell said...

LOL! i love it I taught Nate to knit. he knitted a square but that was the end of it. Although his brother has been making an impossibly long scarf with a couple of bic pens for a couple years now.

Anonymous said...

I feel so manipualted, but just have to ask, "Did you order the black yarn yet? LOL.
Love you!


wendy said...

Bunny...Well, at least you've got someone/s.

Erin...I can't believe you haven't given your BIL needles.lol.

Hubby...Now don't start that old arguement and no I haven't. I want the order to be perfect and also I'm sure it will be a long time before I'll get to do it again so there.