The scavenger hunt

I had lot of fun with this hunt...I think more people should have them. Anyway, here are the details. Oh, and yes Blogger wouldn't let me make this just one post...sorry.

Erin's Scavengers Hunt contest:

A photo scavenger hunt.

The Hunt List

A knitter (other than yourself) knitting in public.
an ice cream truck.
a sock (handknit or not).
a library card.
a ball of green yarn.
a bicyclist.
a street sign.
a flower.
a public work of art.
your reflection in an unexpected place.
someone in a catalog pose.
a funny billboard or sign.

Your job is to find and photograph the items on the list. All pictures must be your own. Then you will comment ON THIS POST, to direct us to your blog to see you photos. All those who enter will be eligible, as long as you have at least 75% of the list. All entries must be posted, and comment left, by Friday, June 15th, 2007.


Karen said...

This looks like tons of fun! I may have to get in on this!

Carol said...

:) Thanks for stopping by! Wasn't it nice of Erin to make us all winners? I found the sock purse hanging on the impulse rack on my way of Claire's. They have dozens of trinkets just screaming to be bought.