Silken Wonders

Pattern: My own.
Needles: 2 size 0 circular Addi Turbo 20" long
Yarn: 3 skein of Regia Silk. 2 grey and 1 white
Gauge: 8sts=1"
Finished dimensions: 2" long ribbing and 4.5"long for the leg. 10.5" long for the foot and circumference.
Modifications: N/A
Notes: This yarn is so nice to knit with as it is so soft and well silky. I hope it holds up well. I think mittens would be great out of this yarn. Anyway, here's what I did. I casted on 80 stitches and knitted by starting with a 2x2 ribbing for 2". I then knitted stockinette. That was for about 12" in length. Then I did the toe in another color, white. That measured 2". Then I did another toe for the heel in white too. Which was also another 2". In case you were wondering how I did the heel I did it by snipping the thread in the middle where I wanted my heel and unraveling it to each side so I had half my CO number (40). I put my stitches back on my needles. Then I knitted 3 plain rounds and began my toe decreases. Easy peasy.


Lisa said...

cool socks ;) they look great!

erin/pinkerbell said...

I have been eyeing the regia silk for a while, but not seen it in person. I might have to try it. The socks look great!

wendy said...


Yeah, the silk feels nice between the fingers while knitting.

I want to knit some mittens with the left overs that is when I figure out color and design. I really think this yarn is better for mittens. It kinda seems wasted on socks where you can't touch it all the time.lol