The other women

Hubby told me to just listen and obey her and all would be well.
She doesn’t like me I screech.
He gives me that patronizing look that all men acquire shortly after they say I do.
I try another tract.
I had had problems with her before, remember?
Again he gives me the look.
Ok…I’ll try.
See, I turned the other cheek.
The children look scared.
At least they remember that she doesn’t like me.
Well, the first thing to go wrong could…could have been me, but all the rest was absolutely not.
She was yelling at me to turn too late, the wrong way, switching map styles, and the kids were yelling other directions.
In the end, I think Emily said it best…I need a nap.
I still say the GPS doesn’t like me.
Go ahead…give me the look.
I dare ya.


erin/pinkerbell said...

LOL!!!! i love it.

Katherine said...

Mouthy little vixens, aren't they? All you can do is listen and say, "Okay, okay."