Prissy Pissy Plymouth socks

Pattern: My own.

Needles: 2 size 0 circular Addi Turbo 20" long

Yarn: 1 skein of Sockotta colorway 363 and some odd ball for the toes and heels

Gauge: 8sts=1"

Finished dimensions: 2" long ribbing and 4.5"long for the leg. 10.5" long for the foot and circumference.

Modifications: N/A

Notes: This yarn bugged me big time. It first started with trying to make two balls with the same color pattern...by hand. I did this 4 or 5 times. When I finially thought I had figured it out it threw my for a loop. I had the color pattern right but the length of them was not the same. I found that out after I had knitted 3" and by then I was so not ripping it out no matter what. I don't think I could have done it differently to get it to match though. I think what made it worst was that there had been a knitted sample at the yarn store...and I had looked at it but didn't see it. If I had I would have bought 2 balls and would not have then had had the bother. You should too if you want matching socks ;0) Anyway here's what I did. I casted on 80 stitches and knitted by starting with a 2x2 ribbing for 2". I then knitted the yarn until I could not handle the color change mismatch any more. That was at about 12" in length with two smaller than a golf ball size balls left over. Yes, not only do I not have a ball winder but a scale too. They're a little hard to have in my knitting bag in the car.lol. Then I did the toe in another color. I measured the toe, 2", and was then able to go back and measured were I needed the heel to be. 2" less since the after thought heel would be basically another toe. I then snipped the thread in the middle and unraveled to each side so I had half my CO number (40). I put my stitches back on my needles with care and held breathe. I then knitted 3 plain rounds and began my toe decreases. I think this way of knitting worked out really well. I think I'll use it again especially for those skeins I have that I just don't know how much length I can get out of.


erin/pinkerbell said...

I love the afterthought heel. I really should use it more. The socks look good.

wendy said...

Thank you!
I love it too!

Katherine said...

If you ever come through Fort Worth, please stop and teach me how to do the afterthought heel. The socks are great! Sometimes the most challenging projects turn out to be the best.

wendy said...

Sure, I'll show you. We do own property in Kaufman(It's @ 40 mins. northeast of Dallas,Texas)that we might visit in the near future.

wendy said...

oopps, I meant southeast