The trouble one can get into...times 6

Now I tried to convince the children that I bushed up against the stinging nettle on purpose not accidently so they could identify, see what would happen, and how they shouldn't do the same. Yeah, I know it was pretty lame attempt at logic but as I was hopping about mumbling to myself about how I so should have seen it way before I ran into it in the creek bed. Yup, a creek bed. I though it might work.
Not one of my finer moments.
Oh, and I also no longer think it might work for back pain. Needless to say Hubby is very happy I didn't decide to experiment on him and yes, this is the very same bush I ran into.

Anyway, here is what we went into the creek bed to see...foggies. Gobs and gobs of LOUD frogs that you could hear all the time...day and night.
So when we weren't running into things we were flying off things. Emily loved swinging off the tree rope...just like going to Terabithia. Oh, and don't worry she landed just fine. She does have a bit of her Daddy's blood in her...thank goodness.
Here's a female peacock we found roaming around. Yeah, it does make one think...wild,hmm?
And when the shadows grow long one can find...boys and their sticks...nothing finer.

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