Where has all my wool knitting gone...far far away...

It's...it's gone, gone I tell you.
Why winter?
I was having such a lovely time.
Hats, mitts and now (I'm in a snit.)
Now my wooly dreams are frying in this 80 degree weather. 80...argh.
(Stamping my foot) It's not fair!!!
I really really could have a tantrum over this.
(mumbling to herself) I'll need cowboy boots for a good one too. You know it looks much more impressive if they go flying off in every direction while you wildly kick just as long as they don't hit you on the way down that is.


jen said...

i'll trade you our below zero temps and say about 6 inches of snow for your 80 degrees and sunshine.

seriosly...no hesitation here. you can have it. especiallyt he wind that is 30 below coming off the lake to chill you to the bone. stupid wind.

wendy said...

it's a deal!

lv2knit said...

Wherever Jen is from, I'll second the deal! I'm from Minnesota and it has been as cold as a blister this whole week. If we can't count on global warming, what CAN we count on?

That was so cool that you bought the GAAA book for my square. I hope you make it some day!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, your MP3 cozy is adorable. I think I am going to try the hood!! However I was having problems with the pattern....don't know how to do the sleeves )-; Could you help me with this? Let's see sweater, hood, no leaves..nah!! Thanks


wendy said...

I can try to help you...I only wrote the hood part another wrote the body, so be easy on me here. Let me know how to help(ie..e-mail, blog, etc.)Thanks