Sweater of Doom

Pattern: Adult Kangaroo sweater from Kids to Grown Ups Seamless Sweaters by Mary Rich Goodwin

Needles: size 8 and 10 circular Addi Turbo 16"and 24" long.

Yarn: 25 Charcoal Sonata 50 gr skiens from elann

Gauge: 4st to 1"

Modifications: To get gaugage I doubled the yarn and went up two needle sizes.

Notes: Never...ever, ever will I name a sweater negatively again. I totally believe that it started all the problems I encountered with this lovely sweater. It first started with the design. Hubby and I could not agree on it and then Hubby settled for the kid's sweaters I made but without the ears. So I ended up swatching for half the day trying to figure out how to make the yarn Hubby picked out and bought work with the pattern so I could have a quick knit and make this baby within a month so I could give it to Hubby for our 12th anniversary(Dec.31). He made me a lovely song. I love his songs. Anyway, I finally figured it out but I was going to need to double the amount of yarn I had. So I knitted like crazy while waiting for the extra yarn to come in the mail. Luckily, it showed up before we went on vacation. Time was running on the thin side, but if I cut out some sleep I could make it. Then it happened...stomache flu. No knitting just surviving. Then it was too late. Poor Hubby. He did however get it a month after our Anniversary(Jan.31...yes, I know that was almost a month ago...work with me here people. I can only steal the air card so many times from Hubby). He tried it on and of course it's a bit short so I ordered more yarn and will be ripping out the bind off to add more ribbing. Now if you haven't noticed the yarn this sweater has in it let me add it up for you. It has 1225 grams of cotton in it and that equals 2.75 pounds! Yup, heavy.


Lisa said...

awesome sweater sorry it gave you problems, but it turned out great! :) Thanks for the comment on my new look. Yea I watch very little tv and Grey's just happens to be the only show I watch on a regular basis. :)

wendy said...


John the Man said...

That sweater is almost as cool as the man wearing it. Love you.

wendy said...

Hubby you're too much but I love you anyway!