Sniffing Butterflies

Pattern: Made up

Needles: 2 size 1 circular Addi Turbo 20" long.

Yarn: 75 yds. of Intertwinement's Monarch Butterfly and 25 yds of Lana Grossa

Gauge: 6sts for 1"

Finished dimensions: 3" long for the leg and 5.5" long for the foot and circumference.

Modifications: N/A

Notes: I wasn't going to blog these but for some odd reason I really like these socks. Really. Ok, I admit I did like them a whole lot before Hubby washed one in a hot washing machine and turned it into a...dull sock. I know I know I should be eternally greatful that my Hubby did the laundry. He reminds me quite often how greatful I should be. And I am...most days. Anyway, here's what I did. CO 48, did a 2x2 rib for 1", knitted plain for 2"s and then made a double wrapped garter short row heel then I knitted plain for 2.5"s and ran out of yarn. Argh...so I looked around and found a wee bit of Lana left over that had two colors in it's length and so I split it into two and made wedge toes that don't match, but that I love. It's like a butterfly sniffing two different flowers.


Katherine said...

I love these socks! Bees sniffing flowers--I think you have started something.

wendy said...

Thanks....hmmm, whatcha up to?