Oh...Here kitty kitty kitty...

Look what we saw just hanging out near our house.
No, that's not a large house cat.
It's a bobcat!
Really,I looked it up and everything.
See for yourself.
(Sorry, I didn't get a better picture (the camera can only zoom in so far) but I really didn't think it would put up with this crazy blogger asking it to pose for this blog even though you guys deserve the best. )
Why this Bobcat was out early in morning and not asleep might have been due to that fact that it was the coldest that area had seen in about 10 years or longer (depending on who you talked to) around 25 degrees.


Katherine said...

Wow, a Bobcat, up close and personal. You get to see the neatest things! (But be careful where you walk!)lol

wendy said...

Thanks...and we'll try.

bunny said...

I agree, See the neatest things.

The socks in the previous posts look great. Do home knit sock last longer than store bought?

wendy said...

Thanks...I think a well made sock lasts longer than a store bought "cheap" cotton sock. In CA I've never seen wool socks at the store.

jen said...

ok that wouARE the LIVING PEE OUT OF ME.

i would have literally ran away, far away. immediatley.

no turning back.

you are a brave brave soul.