Into the wilds

All the farms in central California are in bloom. Rows upon rows of pretty flowers. This has been the only time I have found central California pretty. What a great surprise.

I'm quite proud of this picture for the fact that not only did I have Hubby stop the car, but I ran across a soon to be very busy road and then had the nerve to walk into the orchard to take this picture so you guys could see. I felt very brave and silly. A good combo in my book.

This is a western Yurt that we stayed in (you can see the manufacture's gallery pictures here.)for a week and a half. I think we all really enjoyed ourselves in this fancy tent. I think the best was hearing the rain and hail storms while inside because in these suckers you can hear everything going on around outside, but you can't see what it is because you have no windows except a domed one at the peak of the roof that at night allows you to see stars (which I thought was really cool). However, just like you can hear everything outside so can everyone around outside can hear you inside. Not too cool. Needless to say bathroom time can be interesting. Hubby swears he heard a frog and I think I heard a deer or a goose.

Here we are getting ready to take a patio boat out onto a lake in Brownsville by ourselves. Yes, it was raining (this boat had a roof), but that's how you can be able to be the only ones on the lake. Everybody else has enough sense to stay in and be warm and dry. What's that saying (song) about only Englishmen and mad dogs and noonday sun?

Anyway, here's a river otters' home. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see them...bummer.

We then came back to our Yurt and warmed ourselves. One of us warmed themselves a little too much and will probably have a reminder for a long time, but hey how many of us have always wanted to have a cresent moon on our bum...so sexy, right?

Can you see them on the legs? Gnomes...I love these little gnomes. What a great little touch.

Oh, and for the powers that be who didn't hear me last time. I really really do not want the stomache flu again (this makes it a third time in three months) especially on a move day (why always on a move day?). OK?


Katherine said...

A Yurt! That is so exciting! I don't know about sharing bathroom routines with strangers around me, but otherwise I would live in one of these in an instant.

I hope you don't have the stomach flu again too! I had it twice and I have friends who had it three or four times. It's vicious. Good luck.

erin/pinkerbell said...

that is awesome. I want a yurt.

wendy said...

Yeah, this stomach flu thing is gross.

I'm so glad that we got to try the yurts out. It was great.