Just days before Christmas three of us got the stomach flu. Not an easy task with one toilet. I still had it when we had to move and Christmas was spent mostly sleeping for me. Even my Christmas present of cashmere yarn could not revive me. The others seemed to bounce back well before Christmas. The day after Christmas we started our big vacation up the coast. I was better but didn't knit...the family now has a visual gage on how well I feel. The first two nights we slept in rest stops between big rigs. It was cold and windy especially the first night. In fact, it was so windy that they closed down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you've never done this be aware that they use generators which are very noisy and I wish we had one to keep warm. I don't like sleeping in 40 degrees or even 50. When we got to La Conner I didn't want to leave. Canada was good for me too but I didn't think they'd let me stay. I told my Hubby that a land that had that much moss and ferns just had to have fairies and then I saw one...a sign for a whole bunch of ferries. lol. We tried to see as much as possible in the few days we had. Museums, Islands, Alpacas (So what I would love to have as a pet and pet I would do to the little guys. (You can't have just one...they're pack animals) We even saw two have a fight which was so funny to see as it's not much of a fight and it was all over after the one spit on the other. People could learn a thing or two from these cute little guys.), Stores, Bridges, Parks and the wild life ( We saw thousands of swans, hundreds of geese, and a dozen Elk). Then the adventure continued down to Seaside Oregon. All of the coast of Oregon had these Tsunami signs which either told you you were entering or leaving a zone. We only stayed one day and then we were off to California again where once again I got the stomache flu. I'm just saying for one and all to know I don't want this again not this year or the next I've had my fill of it and it messes up my plan of knitting everyday which I've figured out I'll need to do in order to knit all the projects I've package up so nice and tidy by my bed. I have 22 socks, 9 shawls, 2 hats, and a sweater that I'm working on now.


bunny said...

You always look and sound like you are enjoying your travels. I don't think I would do as well. After a week of vacation I am ready to be home and spread back out. I Hope you feel better soon and are able to get back to all your planned projects

wendy said...

Ah...I bet you would get use to it and do great!