Xmas Knitting and ThE SwEater of certain doom

I've finished all my xmas knitting. I didn't have much and I can't show or talk about since this blog is now used to update the relatives on pictures and stuff going on.
You probably noticed the change a while ago.
I'm now going to start Hubby's sweater. I hope to finish it by our aniversary, Dec.31.
Wish me luck because every time Hubby starts thinking about his sweater it changes.
He likes to use his own word terms to describe it too that don't really mean what they're suppose to, for example, he'll say I hate cardigans but I want 8 clasps all up the front.
I want spirals all over but I want it to look like Max's.
Max's sweater has drop shoulders and I can't even think of how to make the spirals on the sleeve cordinate with the body which is split by the non cardigan idea and all work out...and I just know he find a fault in it.lol.
last time we talked about it it went like this
Hubby: So you're going to start my sweater.
Me:yup, I'll be making your cardigan.
Hubby: I just told you I hate cardigans. The Mister Roger sweater is not me. I want my sweater to have spirals and clasps up the front and lined.
Me: Cardigans come with all types of neck lines...really they do and I'm not doing the spirals.
Hubby: Well, if I don't like it I'm not wearing it.
Me: Fine...Then I'll have a nice plain sweater.
I bet I'm not the only one who faces this when trying to make a gift for someone. It's no wonder so many knitters knit for themselves.

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Kessa said...

Hehe.. Reminds me of the times when I succumb to my family member's requests for knitted items. The going-round-in-circles. Now I know beter: ask them to sketch out what they want. *grin*

I love the blue sweater! Those buttons are so becoming. Wish we have such interesting buttons over here as well. lol

ryn, I got the pouch from IKEA. It is really useful for bringing my WIPs around. =)