Civil War reenactment this weekend at the park we are staying at. We're learning lots about our history from people who really love it...which I think is so great. I can't wait to see more today. Did you know that the Washington Artillerty from Louisana fought in all the battles throught out the war and is the only corp not to have surrendered their colors and are still active? Now you do. I won't go into how much we learn about the bullets, hard balls, explosive rounds and parrot riffle shells because it was pretty gruesome at hurting people but I will say that just the gun powder alone being shot from the cannons can completely distroy a watermelon at 30 feet away so please stay away from the cannons even though they are just shooting gun powder and cup your ears with your mouth open so as not to rupture your ear drums...ahh, such good stuff you learn these days. Posted by Picasa

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Katherine said...

This sounds like so much fun. We were at an exhibit once where they fired a canon, and no one told us to cup our ears and open our mouths. Maybe my ears wouldn't have rung for a week if they had!

I am enjoying your adventures!