A week in Review

A first lost tooth for Gregory...he's so excited. I must say that having so many little ones I really do not look forward to these moments as they are always followed by the little ones trying to rip out their teeth to be like their big sibling...crying when they're told to be patient...getting grouchy when the tooth fairy comes...yup...our tooth fairy leaves a quarter. What she does with all the teeth has been speculated about a lot with the conclusion that she grinds it up to make fairy dust to resale at a good markup.


jennifer said...

i was 20 and for xmas my mother gave me a very pretty jewelry box. She then says very excitedly OPEN IT! and i got excited thinking there would be something pretty in the drawer, insted were all my baby teeth dried blood and all. it was so gross. i wish the tooth fairy would have sold them on the black market or something!

wendy said...

Oh....ohhh man that's too funny.
*wiping the tears of mirth away*

My mom still has mine and my dried up belly cord bit and hair. I'm thinking that if I ever start feeling twitches I'll have to check to make sure she hasn't picked up a new hobby...like voodoo.