Week 3

Monday- They (the Doctor) shot my eye with drugs and luckily it seems to be working and I'm not blind which is always a good sign.
Tuesday-Thrusday- work and packing. I did get my Trek monkey sock bag...Thank you Trek!
Friday- We drove down to Jamul, CA for a free RV park stay which turned out to be a really expensive stay as we bought a membership. We're offically Thousand Trails National members now. Friday night we went swimming.
Saturday- We went hiking in the early morning in the surrounding hills. In the after noon we melted in the heat. What an extremely hot day. People who had gauges said theirs were reading at 114 degrees in the shade.
Sunday- We went swimming in the morning and then rock climbing in the afternoon. While Hubby was climbing the attendant informed us that an 8 year old Girl Scout had out climbed him the other day. Needless to say Hubby was real proud of his accomplishments. Then we drove home to park in front of the house so we can let in repair men into the house for the coming week.
So as you can see not a lot of knitting happened but with the heat I doubt that I'm the only knitter out there who is experiencing a lull.
I would have blogged Saturday or Sunday but I would have had to hike up to this one lodge with the lap top and I just didn't get motivated enough to do it. I need to figured out how to blog quickily and efficiently...maybe write it all up in word and then download it all in one file. I read blogger has their own "word" program maybe I should down load that. Hummm.. has anyone downloaded it?
I posted pictures of the week but in order to have the right timeline you must start at the buttom and work your way up. Sorry.


trek said...

And the 8 year old Girl Scout weighed approximately 1/6 of what your husband does. Lots easier to move that tiny mass.

Jennifer said...

You guys look like you had so much fun! Glad your eye is improving.

erin/pinkerbell said...

glad to hear about the eye. Poor little guy with the shiner.:( Looks like the rock clibing was a lot of fun.