Another week in review.

Here's what's happening
Eye...growing again and so I must go to the Doctor to get it wacked at again. Plus I have two more on my head...freaky bumpy lady that I am.

House...In a 30 day escrow for the full price. Yay! Nieghbors are in shock.

Trailer...You must level the trailer to get the AC to work or just drive it to the beach...it's a toss up on which one is best.

Mail...They don't seem to be forwarding anything...what's up with that?

Marriage...Bickering about who should pack and what. I don't seem to be able to get away with anything (like knitting instead of packing)...I hate it when that happens.

Kids...Just want to be in the trailer with the AC on and toys all around them or a video game preferrably away from strange parents who find it amusing to pick on each other or kiss.

Hair...everyone's a bit shorter. Lucky me Hubby though just one side should be shorter for when I cock my head it will match the rest...isn't that so clever?

Knitting...I'm making baby stuff for Cee. I'm almost done. I think next week I'll ship it out. I looked at the two shawl patterns that people gave me (thank you again Jennifer and my SP8) and I can't figure out what the first 7 rows are talking about but I find that if I try it out I can usually then "see" what they're talking about so I'm pretty sure that will happen. If not I'll hunt down some help.

Reading...Out loud to everyone while we drive (see no car knitting...such a sad thing to happen) the book series of Jennifer Scales. (thanks again Kenji for giving them to us!) I finished the first one and a quarter into the second one.

Well, I think that covers last week...hope you had a good one too


erin/pinkerbell said...

oh no! sorry to hear your cyst's not giving up. glad to see another week's worjth of family fun though.

Anonymous said...

I am just popping in to say hi! I am currently collecting things for your next box :) Hope you're having a wonderful time!

Jennifer said...

Oh no about your poor eye. Good luck with all that packing!

Katherine said...

Oh no! How much more can your little eye take? Congrats on the house sale; trailer-beach; mail-I feel your pain; marriage-do the packing; kids-making memories; hair-wierd is in; knitting-must; and finally, reading to the family is just the best! I used to read to everyone in the car when we were on the road. They still remember books I read as their favorites. What a fun time for your family.