The unwelcomed house guest

It all started when Michael said, "Mama, my tummy hurts."
Now we all know this is not what we want to hear while driving because there always follows a liquid response to my reply of "Are you....." and more often than not they have forgotten the barf bucket located under the front seat (a tupperware ice cube container like the ones found in a hotel room only it has a locking like lid. I highly recommend them.). Luckily, he remembered it for the next 50 times...poor little mite. So the stomach flu, the 24 hours kind, has visited our family and I must state that it is not a welcomed guest. The count 1 down 6 more possible victims...oh, the fun we have.
On the knitting front...socks, even in the color blue (ps color) on the needles. Later I'm hoping to knit up some red, white and blue socks later in the month for July. Oh... and finish Maximilian's sweater because you know how much he's going to be needing it in the summer (note to self...start sweaters in summer not spring.).


Jennifer said...

Oh no... Poor kid. That's miserable. I hope the rest of you escape!

wendy said...

Thanks...Me too...If he didn't suddenly transform into a little old man (just needed a walker to complete the picture) before my eyes I would have isolated him to save the rest of us, but I just didn't have the heart. Of course, if we all get sick at the same time I'll be hitting myself on the head with the disinfectant bottle.

erin/pinkerbell said...

OH no well, to look on the upside, at least it's a quick moving sickness.

Katherine said...

Oh you poor babies! (I think I can smell the Lysol in Texas). I hope all of you are well soon.