So I have narrowed it down to 5 shawl patterns that are tempting me.
They are:
Triangles within Triangles
Leaf Lace
Flower Basket Lace (This one use to be free...bummer...darn Interweave)
Icarus (It's 3/4ths down the page. This is also the only one I have the pattern and yarn for. So it should be the one right?...I'm still undecided.)
Diamond Fantasy
But I ended up making this one...yup, it didn't do the trick. (oh...by the way, I made the shawl pin she's wearing and I'm thinking about making adult size ones too...we'll see how it goes)
Now I've never made a shawl so I want to pick one that goes fairly quick and is not too boring.
Maybe I really should make winter things so they might be worn in winter. After all Maximilian is still waiting for his norski sweater , hat, ball of yarn, and knitted kitty so he can look like "his" picture that's on the cover of the pattern. And then there's always Christmas gifts to think about knitting too...


Jennifer said...

I think FBS would be a good choice for someone who hasn't made a shawl yet.

Katherine said...

I clicked on the "one" you made and nearly fell off my chair laughing! I vote for Flower Basket when you knit the larger version.