On the rode again

This post comes from a hotel in Madera, CA. Yup, I'm on another trip with Hubby for work. We (kids and I) had stopped traveling with him right before I started blogging but since he can't take traveling without us anymore (there is a lot more happening now and he's a family man who wants to be apart of the kids life and we need his job's income and the kids are already being homeschooled) we've started traveling with him again. Now this has now ballooned into a major life change. So when we get back home we are packing everything up, putting the house up for sale, and getting a travel trailer (31') so we can travel easier with Hubby. We'll be gyspies... Bet you didn't see that one coming.
Anyway, I sure can get a lot of knitting done while sitting shotgun. If all goes well I'll be done with another pair of socks today(picture coming soon). I'm hoping hubby will take me to Rumplestiltskin at 1021 R Street in Sacramento, CA later today as we are on our way to Lake Tahoe for a convention and I only bought the one knitting project with me (socks) and I have til friday to be on the road. I'm a little panicked at the thought of sitting in the van with nothing to keep my hands busy. So funny to think it was only a few months ago I started knitting while Hubby drove me around. (I get car sick easy especially while pregnant) Now I find it to be the best place to knit as all the kids are contained and entertained with a playstation, school work or reading books and Hubby is doing all the rest. You know your spouse's driving skills improve greatly while knitting too.
Now for some interesting facts about Madera.
Madera County is located in the exact center of California, in the heart of the Central Valley and the Central Sierras.
It is one of the fastest growing counties in California.
Madera is the Spanish word for "lumber", the first industry in the County. (I don't see many now.)
Gold fever hit the hills here in 1849 and 50. (Can't find any of that either.)
The records show that one early resident of the area, Jim Savage, employed Chinese to work the San Joaquin River for him for gold. At first, Jim was involved in fighting the Indians, but as the area became more populated, he made friends with them, even to the extent of marrying at least five Indian girls, one from each tribe. ( You gotta love that...He must of had such harmony at home) He is given credit for the discovery of Yosemite Valley on March 27, 1851, and named it after the tribe which inhabited it.


Katherine said...

Wow! I don't read my favorite blogs for a few days, and look what happens. I'm so excited for you. I would love to travel the country in an RV. Also, travel is one of the things that home schooled kids can do that other kids can't. I share home schooling of one of my "Chicago" Grandsons, part of the year there and part here in Texas. We travel all we can with him.

BTW, any chance you will find your way to Texas for a visit?

erin/pinkerbell said...

wow that is a big change. Best of luck to you. I don't think I could do it.

knittyref said...

That is an impressive undertaking. It will be an experience your kids won't be likely to forget.

wendy said...

We own 3 acres in Kaufman, Texas that we might visit. Right now we are letting Hubby's parents live there.
We have no idea how we'll handle it either but it's one of those less traveled roads...so we'll see.
Yeah...I'm sure there will be plenty of stories.

knittinmom said...

That is the coolest thing ever! You are totally living my dream. If you ever come up Portland way, you'd better get in touch!!!

wendy said...

I want to go to the Black Sheep Festival next year so maybe I can see you then.

Tammy said...

If you get to come to Black Sheep, you have to let us know!!