Here is Sammy my new Monster pouch from Jennifer. I love it! I've been checking her store off and on to see if one grabbed my attention and this one sure did. Not only did it grab me it westled with my imagination just like art viewed at a museum does...gotta love that. At first this pile looks innocent

but look what it turned into...a holey smokes this is going to take awhile to read/play/research...totally amazing! Thank you so much Jennifer! You must visit (and buy from) her store and see her great creations!

Here is Maximilian introducing Sammy to his monsters I made him to help him learn his letters, Manny the Muching Monster and his brother Proto. I believe the introduction was a hit as all were wearing smiles. I must remember not to let Sammy out of my sight as he might get adopted by a oh so helpful 3 yo.


Jennifer said...

I love piddleloop as well! Great stuff.

wendy said...

Yup...and great people!