Excuse me....I seemed to have forgotten my manners

I just realized that I didn't take a picture of my One-Skein A Month present my pal sent me. Well...I'm sorry this isn't a good picture of the skein she sent me. You see I love it so much I had to start knitting with it. I'm making a hat for myself (very plain so you can see all the prettys) and I hope it will fit me because I'll be really upset if I have to frog it back to the increases...I'm afraid I would hurt it. It's a silk and merino blend called "fiery Sunset" One ply handspun and dyed yarn. Thank you so much pal...I love it!!!


Jennifer said...

Very pretty stuff!

Katherine said...

This is how I get myself into trouble, not realizing that it takes more to knit it bottom up than top down! I'm sure the same is true of other things like sweaters, so I always buy extra yarn. I don't know if I would even dare to start something with one skein, but that hat is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That yarn is beautiful! and I love the shawl you made. :) How did the cutting go?