bed rest

What do you do when you have to have bed rest?

I knit a little. So far, I have one 4th of July sock done, a wee doll garter stitched shawl knitted on 0000 needles with just a few more rows to go, an almost complete written up hood pattern, and a baby jay sock knitted up to the toes. I keep finding myself with more and more projects....blah. Of course, that doesn't stop me from finding lots of things I would like to knit like this and this but then I have visions of snagging them on something and after all that hard work...ah, the fits one could have. So then I look for the perfect tankish top which I think will have to be this in a silk blend yarn. Yup....mostly knitterly daydreams.
I also watched some DVDs that I really liked like: Arabian Nights(2000. I think it was made for TV it had Dougray Scott as the betrayed Sultan. Not like the book, but still good.), Gunfighters (3-disc TLC series), and The Presidents (3-disc series too I think from the History Channel). I really liked watching the bonus feature...the wives. Good stuff.
I also read Knitting Rules which makes me remember that I would like to knit one of these someday too.
At least I get out of packing.


Jennifer said...

I hope you feel better soon!

wendy said...

Thanks!...looks like I'll need a mini operation now....oh,goodie

Katherine said...

That's scary! What kind of mini-operation? You have to get well fast--those kiddos need you. Resting isn't bad though. You can get some mega-knitting done during an enforced rest. But operations are a no no.

wendy said...

They (Doctor) are going to cut my face open around my eye and drain the fluid...yummy...I'm hoping just the once.If on Monday afternoon you hear screams you'll know I smacked the Doctor.Yup, it'll be him crying out.
Knitting is easier when you can see.

jen said...

oh my that sounds like a somewhat scarey operation. i hope things go well for you! rest up and take care