Back to California

On they way back to California we played in the snow, water (there's catfish in that there pond too), and finished up on some crafts. Emily made herself a unicorn (another pillow cover) and I finished my socks for her (Emily). I used Knitty's Broadripple for the pattern but tweaked it. I used Lorna Laces socks in Happy Valley colorway instead of fixation (just one skein). Cast on, needle size, garter stitch length was all the same but the ripple stitch length was made shorter. In fact, I made the leg (ripple stitch) the same as the garter stitch and then I ended the toe with a very small decrease as she really just wanted me to make them tube like and I couldn't bring myself to do that so I took 5 stitch off each side to make them a bit normal like and to make the yarn go farther. (The toe was knitted plain for two inches like most.) The length of the foot ended up being about 8 inches long and I have yarn left over so I think this could be a cute one skein option for knitters to make for women who have a small or a medium sized foot.


Katherine said...

I used to love traveling with hubby and kids! Those are memories that fill my heart with joy. Now it is just the two of us, and while we have fun, it's not the same at all. Soak up those memories Wendy!

wendy said...

I'm a sponge