Are there blind knitters?

Here are my socks from my Sweet Sock Swap. Hubby is modeling them for me....hopefully I will get them back. Thank you Diane!

Here is my Dye-O-Rama swap yarn. There was Dried Organic Strawberries too but they didn't make the picture...too yummy. Thank you Melissa (twoloop's)! I absolutely love the color and I'm having a hard time trying to decide what pattern to use to knit.

Here is a sock bag I made myself using a pattern I bought from Lolly. This is so cute and funny to me. I just love it. Thanks Lolly for creating the pattern!

So the story goes that I had a pimple by my eye that I popped before going to bed and I woke up in the morning looking like someone smacked me with the ugly stick to make me look like the perfect bride for Quasimodo . Hubby took me to the emgerency and I found out I had a staph infection that if I was lucky hadn't gone behind my eye where it could cause blindness. Here's a picture of me getting better. You should have seen me yesturday at the hospital I was swelled twice the size around my left eye. Now this got me to thinking about all I would miss seeing. My children growing up. My Hubby. The world....and KNITTING. I wouldn't be able to knit. So I got an IUV with medication, CAT scan, and more meds for home. Now I'm just trying to get rid of the infection, a blood clot from the IUV, and staying cheerful.
Happy Father's Day!


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh, that's awful! I hope you are mended soon. Sounds like you could cure a world plague with all that medicine. Be well!

knittyref said...

Glad you liked the socks, and sorry for your indisposition.

Not to make light of your situtaion, but my mom worked with blind kids at our local school when I was young, and we taught them all how to knit. They were pretty darn good too. Just needed a little help with choosing colors. Course, because they were great pranksters, and I needed a way to get back at them, guess what I'd do? ;-)

Get better soon.

kimberly said...

Oh gosh, I hope you're feeling better soon!!
Great fish!

wendy said...

Thanks all...everytime I wake with a different look...amazingly gross. Anyway, this has gotten me out of packing.
What did you do to the blind knitters, Diane?

Charisse said...

Hi Wendy,
That looks like it hurts..
hope fathers day way a great one for your hubby.
and what a great yarn from the swap.