So I called my Mom for Mother's Day to see if she got her package. It was a dye your own yarn with Kool-Aide kit kind of thing that I created which included these

Do you remember these?

I thought it was all quite clever. Silly me.
Well, she told me that when she was opening it up the box this stick flew out and she almost threw it away. My heart sank and then I remembered why I should never set myself up for these kinds of things with her or my Dad, spending time making handmade items equals hurt feelings. I'm sure you guys have a few people on your list that it just doesn't work out making things for. I think that's why I get so happy having someone make me stuff. I'm so thankful. Ayway, I'm just glad that I didn't go and buy one of these for her. I'm hoping maybe some day my hooks will be hooks and not a stick.


trek said...

Oh, dear that really rots. Sorry about that Wendy.

futuregirl said...

Ugh! I can sympathize. Some people are *very* thankful when they receive handmade gifts and other aren't. Live and learn.

erin/pinkerbell said...

I think we all have those family members. I love the hooks, sorry she did not appreciate them as much.

wendy said...

Yeah...I did it to myself so there you go. Come Xmas I hope to still remember.