Spin baby

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!
My husband said he wanted homemade grind the wheat type pizza for dinner and I said....It's gonna cost you and here is what it cost him.

He made me a spindle, yes he needs to leave a bit more of the dowel at the bottom, and he showed me how to spin cotton. Yup, we only had cotton balls in the house to use. My hubby was about to throw away my yarn when I stopped him so I could show you it in all it's glory. Yes, it was a bit hard for me. I'm hoping that wool will actually work better for me. It's supposed to, but you know that might just be for others like Sweet Georgia. Such pretty yarn she can create.
Now there's another thing I need to tell (warn) you about. Do not let your Hubby get a hold of the "Magic 8 Ball". If you do he just might torment you relentlessly about how it answered his question with a yes. Following you all around the house stating the virtues about how grand the "Magic 8 Ball" is in it's forward seeing ways. Yes...he even went so far as to document the event with a photo shoot which I found later on my camera.

What did he ask...I'm not telling, but I will say that I got motion sick on the trampoline that's in the back yard.


Katherine said...

I tried the spinning thing and had to admit that it was not for me. I love to watch a friend spin while I knit. Now, I'm so glad she does it so I don't have to.

Watch out for those M8B's. They will tell you things you don't want to hear and make you do things you don't want to do.

Charisse said...

Ahhhhh! spinning is so hard for me on a spindle.
I cant laugh any harder with the e card you sent me, this is the third time Ive looked at it.
thank u very much...... the # 4 one is my favorite.

wendy said...

The M8B is well hidden now.

I looked up that you need a high spin for cotton so that's what I'm going blame it on...for the now.

I'm glad your ecard...hopefully you'll like my other thank you too.

trek said...

Thanks for the good thoughts and the sock bag compliments. People really seem to like them. I am quite overwhelmed and surprised!