So why are you worrying and upset? You ask...Well, last night was the wedding rehearsal. Here is the picture I took of the church. The inside looks much better.
So Hubby postponed a business trip to Arizona, we drove two hours in traffic to get to the church, and when we got there 10 minute before we were suppose to be we had to wait 30 minute for everyone to show up, oh, and even better the verses they told me I needed to say during the ceremony, which I've been practicing with, were out of the wrong Bible...yes, they told me they were out of the NIV...nope, in case you wanted to know the Presbyterian's have their own Bible and no, the dang words are different and there's more of them and yes, you would have thought they would know what Bible they study out of....such a scary thought. Now you say...but all was made up by the fact your Dad felt supported, grateful with many thanks spilling out of his mouth, and took you all out to dinner afterwards, right? That's what usually happens. Wrong on every count, we asked three times if they needed us to be around they said no and we even added that we where going to go find some dinner and still nothing so we left. So guess what happens 45 minutes later while we are stuck in traffic heading home. The cell phone rings and it's my Dad telling my Hubby that we sure took of fast and then asks if we might like dessert. I was fuming. Luckily, Hubby was the one talking. So you're thinking that's nice, right? But just let me remind everyone a point that I think should have been remembered by said family member I and I repeat can't eat desserts. Thoughtful, huh? I'm doomed.
In case you were thinking that this is a knitting blog at this point in time all projects I'm making are presents and so I can't show them to you because I'm so popular and they'll discover who I am....ok, maybe I'll just post teasing pictures. Update: Cee got her stuff so you can see some stuff I made there and no I didn't take picture myself cuz...well, I didn't...something about it is strange to me...silly me.


erin/pinkerbell said...

Families can be so infuriating.

Ok, I'm 28 years old and my dad has NEVER remembered my birthday. He's never even close, but consistent. If you ask him he will tell you I was born February 18 1982. (In reality, it's Jan 24th of '78. I'm really starting to think I have another sibling out there somewhere.)

wendy said...

It would explain why you believed your "brother" about the squirrels...maybe you should google possible sibling names with 2-18-82 birthdays you never know