I survived

Well, I survived the wedding without too much trauma. I got in trouble with the Reverend before the wedding for video tapping where the Groom was hiding. Apparently, it was suppose to be a big surprise he was coming out the side door. Don’t all grooms? Oh, well. As you can tell I'm not real broken up about it. I got up to say my part, but when I got to the podium the Bible was not marked as it was suppose to be........ Luckily, I had many nightmares about this very thing and so I had taken a cheat sheet with me. There was a pause as my brain tried to process the fact that dreams can come true before I said my bit. I however, didn't fall flat on my face like I thought I might walking in front of the “family”. I’m so glad it’s over and done with. All during the day while Hubby was driving I was knitting up a storm to relieve my stress I however, think that this might have been a mistake as I now have a toe in an odd position. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to fix it before I have to send them off. Poor sock pal.


Charisse said...

YAY!!! A wedding! You look so pretty....And the family too.

wendy said...

Thank you...hope you're liking Mexico