When Eggs Go Bad

Eager to break free from the yolk of daily labor Miss Hollandaise
formed a band of eggcelent thieves to break into the bank.
Unfortunately, their crate car left dozens of clues behind.
That's when the bank hired Poached P. I. Greg's Benedict
to crack the case wide open. Some say he's yellow at heart
but there are dozens of bad eggs in custardy that know he's
really hard boiled.

To make your own bad eggs go here.

1 comment:

futuregirl said...

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy!

So very cool. I love their faces! I love the strawberry hat (how cute is that?!?)! I love the walkie-talkies and guns sewn on! I completely love your story and your panorama. You totally rock!

Thank you for the link, too!