Sneak Peeks

I'm so excited about my new series that I wanted to blab about it. You know the kids can only take so much of Mom going "Now look at this isn't this neat..." without starting to show signs of losing it. You know the signs. A mono toned voice some rolling of eyes or horrors the fake smile. You know the one. The smile used so much on them when they were smaller like at the play ground or zoo when they showed you exciting things like sand, rocks or a bug. Don't you act innocent with me. You know the smile. So anyway, I'm busy dying a new series it's called Freckle here's a sneek peak of the colors. Yeah! What we have here is Strawberry. In real life this looks to me just like a sliced strawberry. So spring all juicy and yummy. And yes, it's a she. When I'm done with her she'll have black dots that will show up about every 10 knitted rows. You know for the seeds. OK, next is Frog, he is this pale green. Yes, he. Looks also like a pale neon green. He too will have dark green spots that will show up about every 10 knitted rows. Which I think is so cool in a princess kissing kind of way.

Here is Dalmation already finished. As you can see he has spots too. Yes, another he. What can I say I'm sexist. You can tell he's so proud to be finished first.

So later, I think tomorrow, hubby is taking me to the LYS to sell my yarn. If she buys all my yarn (fingers crossed and no wooden nickles taken) there's going to be a delay in service at the web store since I'll have to dye up, skein, and label more yarn. So if you out there want it fast order now just in case.

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