My Yarn

I'm plugging away at skeining up my stripping sock yarn. Here's what I have done so far, 20 skeins in only 4 colorways (There's a total of 10 colorways, Lady Bird Beetle, Monarch Butterfly, Roly Poly, Honey Bee, Cootie Bug, and Portrait of a Girl being the others.). I have about 90 more to go. I hope to get it all done by the end of this weekend and up on the webstore with paypal buttons. Hopefully, there will be some left since my LYS going to buy some too. As you can see starting from the left there's Portrait of a Women, Katydid (one of my bug series), Portrait of a Boy, and Portrait of a Man ( this one always cracks me up by being black in white just like a man thinks everything should be. So far nobody in the house thinks this is funny...oh, well.) Each colorway even has a fun fact on the label. I'm so excited.

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