I finished my socks. Sock info is as follows: Lollygirl colorway from Mama E, Lovely Lace pattern from Interweave spring '06, size 2 Comfort Zone Needles from Kniting On The Go ( Did you hear they're coming out with circulars? Hopefully we'll see them at the end of this year...so cool.), 60 stitches, and after thought heel knitted as the toe (feels pretty good). Now while I was a knitting away on them you can see that the clean clothes piled up. Oh, poor family.


erin/pinkerbell said...

so cute! but not as cute as the little one in the basket.

Emma said...

Very cute socks. Just perfect for spring!

Charisse said...

Hi wendy... The socks look great..
Good job!!!!
Im sending your package out tomorrow. I can't wait till you get it. I finished the projct I made for you I hope you like it.

Lolly said...

They look great! and I have to say, I love that colorway! :)