Here is the sock I'm working on and I'm not all that sure about it. If you can tell it gently zig zags back in forth with a lace pattern. Sometimes I really like it other times I think it's horrible and must be sacrificed to the knitting gods to appease them before they curse me in some horrible way like...I don't know but think bad. What do you guys think, would you be grossed out to the max if you got this in the mail?


knittyref said...

A pattern like that looks better when the leg is a little longer. Where is the pattern from?

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

I love the zig-zag look! The stockinette looks a bit loose, maybe a tighter gauge might help?

Freckle is awesome! I think Strawberry and Frog would look good married together! ;)

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Sorry about such a late comment, but stick with it. She will like it I know I would:)

wendy said...

Update: It was sacrificed. No one morned the passing. You can find a some what close pattern here:
I'll be doing something totally different and not seen before...I think. I'll show you all later.