Saturday we went to Matsuwa in San Diego and I went a little nuts on the Japanese craft books. Hubby went a little nuts on the Japanese candy and luckily the kids didn't go nuts at all. I really like Japanese craft books. If you haven't checked them out try here. Even though I don't know how to read Japanese or know anyone who does I seem to be able to firgure it out. They usually have lots of pictures or charts to show how to make the item. This time I was able to flip through the books to see if the book had something I liked in it. The last time, I bought online through Amazon Japan and Yes Asia which is not the same thing at all.
On the knitting side of things I've two more lice patterns to complete on the body of my son's sweater before I move onto chart 3.
I have to admitted that I usually only have one project being knitted at a time. I find that I get depressed easily if I have not completed a project and just have it hanging over my head like dead weight. I know this makes me strange to most knitters but that's me. strange. So when last night I found that I couldn't fight the urge to try out my new DPNs that came (bright orange to boot...my favorite) and learn to use Priscilla Gibson-Roberts short row heel using the tutorial of Alison's I thought that the only excuse that I can give myself is that the cable I'm using on the sweater is just too crowded and it would be better to wait for the 24" one to come from England. By the light of the day however this sounds eerily like some other bloggers. Before I know it I'll have a huge stash and so many projects around with tools of every kind I'll fill the garage with me stuff....poor hubby.
So now I'll have a stash report. I was amazed that I already had so many projects lined up and yarn for it. I have:
21,429 yards of yarn which is also:
64,287 feet
19594.6776 meters
12.175572078 miles
Hopefully by the end of this month I'll have worked off some.


futuregirl said...

Looks like you got a great haul from the Japanese book store. Can't wait to see the wonderful things you make from them!

wendy said...

Thanks! I love your creatures, they are so great.