We had a break in last night.
It's horrible.
The mess.
The feeling of ....
They must of had a party. But you know how Leprechauns can be trouble.
This morning our children found out what had happened while they had slept.
The piano was on.(Did they play Irish Eyes?)
All the doors, drawers, and cupboards were left opened.
All the toilets water was turned green. ( Do Leprechauns drinking green beer turn pee green and why can't they learn to flush?)
The milk turned green.(Hopefully it's not the same reason as the toilet.)
Toys were played with and not put away.
Green paper foot prints were left all over the place.
And money was left lying on the dining table for everyone.
As you can see we had forgotten to leave out our traps.
Maybe next year we will remember.

To not be out done by the Leprechauns I made and gave our children Ham-Hams and a sweater (The wee one might choke on a Ham-ham.)

Hope you all have a happy lucky green day!


myra said...

That is such a great idea. My son's preschool sort of did the same thing, they left tiny green footprints and green and gold glitter all over the classroom and then they went on a hunt for gold coins.

I'll have to remember some of the other leprechaun tricks for next year.

wendy said...

I highly recommend it. They have such fun.

Tina in Wonderland said...

How cool St Patty's day must be at your house! Can I drop by next year! LOL

Seriously, you have great ideas, and I hope some of those pesky leprechauns break into our house next year!

Those Hamtauros are adorable!