At the scene of the crime there could be heard the screams of terrified children pleading with their mother. "Mama, Please let go of the scissors...please...don't do it. Maaaaamaaaa!" But they fell on deaf ears. The ears were hearing a tune unheard by the children. A small voice being spoken by Daddy's hole ridden sweater that was whispering pleads of it's own."Please let me be transformed into something anything....Please" Yes, it's true Daddy's not home to save his sweater from my evil intentions. Will he mind? Will I get a spanking when he does gets home? We'll have to wait for a few days to find out, in the mean time though check out our two new sea snakes and monster yet to be named but already well loved.


erin/pinkerbell said...

that is so cute. Sorry i hit the word spanking and coffee came out my nose...so that's the ulterior motive. ;)

wendy said...

Sometimes extreme measures must be done in order to achieve ones goal.