Tinkling sounds in my future

Oh....hubby, would you please just drive a few minutes in that direction so I may go see a store. What store? Uh,mmmm, oh look, you missed the exit. If you just take Maple st.,yes, that one....where to stop? Right over there. What? OK! YES...YES at THAT yarn store. I won't take long. Promise.Then ithappened. It should never of happened. Not to me. Not to you. No,no,no, no the doors where LOCKED. And a sign saying Closed due in inventory. Sadly, I kept my promise, but not my will.
So I ordered 40" circular needle and some yarn online. Not from the same company. Oh no...never that. The yarn came and the needle has not. Will they come in time? Will my goal of learning the magic loop come to fruitation...I have a feeling that my family will hear the tinkling sounds of needles. Will I cry...Will I shake my hands in frustration. Nope. I'm gonna join the DPN team!

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