I've come to the conclusion that Amazon's free shipping is a joke.
Their's not mine.
They're laughing at me.
I know it.
Everytime I use that free super saving shipping button they think they can out wait me on the books.
It sucks that they're right.
I know they don't care. They're a corporation.
It's business.
Why did they have to be the only company that was selling Knitted Gardens by Jan Messent new?
I want the book in some hopes of making a blanket garden.
The dream garden.
You know those pretty ones in magazines.
English knots made from herbs, roses pruned around a fountain, a hedge maze, vegetables at the peak of ripeness all in a neat and orderly row.
No bugs.
Yup, I cannot achieve it in the backyard.
No, that's not true.
I cannot do it for a couple hundred dollars and my weakling self in the backyard.
I'm pretty sure that if I had as much as Disney does my garden would look like never-neverland or Mary Poppins neighborhood too.
Rain would be good too.
So I'm setting my sites on a lower scale.
Much lower this coming season.
A blankie...to dream with about all those lovely gardens.
Now that's not to say I won't plant: tomatoes, greens, scallions, peppers, cucumbers, and pumkins.
I'll just not be disappointed in my unruly garden or the bugs. Well, maybe the bugs.
I'll call it my salad garden...forget the pumkin part here.
Maybe I should use another language so it sounds more creative.
Maybe the Super Salad Squares.

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Judith said...

Hi, Doing a google for Jan Messent Knitted Gardens found me reading your blog. It is in a bit of self interest. I have a used copy for sale on Amazon UK http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y06Y6291146Y1811738/202-4516499-9950247
I think the reason that Amazon.com has it listed as new is that there is talk from Search Press of republishing some of their more sought after knitting books eg Wool n Magic says it has a publishing date of Sept 2006 but that is not definite. As far as I can find out there is no definite date for the garden book. Search Press do have a uk web site. If you did want to buy my gardens book I will ship to the States. But do not feel obliged. If you want to ask more mail me. scholesatoneteldotcom
If not hope you find a copy and enjoy it.