OK...I couldn't resist the temptation
for more socks and started these at 11 am
for the olympics while my hubby drove
us around. It was my first time knitting
while someone drives. No I don't knit while driving.
Luckily I didn't get
sick otherwise my socks could have been
more colorful.
Anyway, I must say that
I'm very happy that I didn't wait until the flame
was lit because that was waaaay to looong
to wait.
So on to my take of the opening ceremonies...
I thought the commentary was a little rude at times
(Grandma Luge. The 52 year old man wasn't named grandpa!?)
and the American pop songs was bizzare.
At times I thought I wasn't artsy fartsy
enough to see the beauty in such things as
the wormy looking heart, and a flaming anvil.
Besides all that, I thought the resounding
sound of peace could be heard.


erin/pinkerbell said...

Only after I signed up for the KO did I realize I would not be able to actually watch them. (We don't have cable and cannot pick up NBC at all) what a dork am I?

wendy said...

Explains the blog name.lol