Hopping Holiday Handcrafts

Bunnies are the family mascot.
The white ones with pink eyes.
We're a family of 7 (lucky 7) blondes.
(insert blonde jokes here....blow in ear so I can finish my thought(refill, you know) Thanks!)
Yup...5 little ones from 10 years of age (my only girl) on down to 10 months in 11 years of marriage (all born with a midwife; 3 at home 2 at a birth center...reason? absolutely fightened of hospitals and most doctors when I think about it.).
We're stopping with 5 because we finally figured out how it was happening. The Pediatrician recommended we watch some animal discover shows. Wow! What a help.
KIDDING....really, I am.
Well, that's not totally truthful the doctor really did say that.
With Easter coming and so many wee ones I've got to start creating.....Bunnies.
Today and for a few days (I hope) I'll be knitting bunnies from:
http://www.kategilbert.com/ .
Luckily my order from the Japanese Amazon website came. YEAH! I got the book with two bunnies on the front. A Heart Warming Life Series, Start Series, (insert Japanese title here)(ISBN: 4529039013). So I can now sew some bunnies too.
Add some candy and money in eggs and I'm set for the little ones.
For fun I decided to crochet a bunny cover for my cell phone. I'm manipulating a pattern from another Japanese book I got today. (Insert another Japanese title here) Magic Scrubber (ISBN: 4834762947). I added it to my order on a whim. I'm glad I did. There are lots of funny scrubbers to create for the family for Christmas. Oh, lucky them.
I'll post picture when I've finish them.


erin/pinkerbell said...

hahahaha Did you smack that doctor???

wendy said...

Nah...I just told him we "made" him have a bigger practice.